Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023: what are the pros and cons?

Every year, the RAI Association organizes annual elections to encourage bicycle manufacturers to produce more beautiful bicycles. The independent jury assesses the submitted bicycles in practice. The experience experts and experts include ANWB, Bovag, Fiets Magazine and Bike Europe. During the election, attention is paid to points such as design and styling, driving behavior and comfort, materials, price-quality ratio and the equipment of the standard version.

On March 10, 2022, the Sparta d-Rule Energy was named ‘E-bike of the year 2022’ in the urban e-bikes category. The well-known bicycle brand was named ‘E-bike of the year’ for the 3rd time. Read more about the Sparta brand and the pros and cons of the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023 in this blog.

More about the bicycle brand Sparta

The Dutch bicycle brand Sparta was founded in 1917 by Mr Schakel, Verbeek and Krijgsman. In 1920, Sparta managed to market its first bicycle. In the years that followed, the cargo bike was also added to the production. As early as 1988, Sparta managed to produce a series-produced electric bicycle, called the Spartamet. This made it the first and only brand to develop electric bicycles.

Together with Gazelle, Sparta is now one of the best-selling electric bicycle brands in the Netherlands. The e-bikes of the traditional Dutch brand Sparta are characterized by their modern design and high level of seating comfort. Sparta’s e-bikes have been awarded as best tested in the AD bicycle test.

Main specifications of the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023

If you are looking for a tough and robust e-bike for recreational use, the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023 is an excellent choice. You can purchase this electric two-wheeler from Sparta for an amount of 3,419 euros, in the colors matt yellow and olive grey.

The Sparta Rule knows how to make a good combination of different properties. We have listed the most important features below:

Battery capacity 400Wh
Range 40 to 90 kilometers
Number of gears 5
Engine location Mid engine
Brand engine Bosch Performance
Battery upgrade possible Yes
Type of brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Number of pedal support positions 3

Pros Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023

What makes the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023 such a good electric bike?

Always tailwind

With the mid-engine from the Bosch Performance brand, you can even cover hilly terrain in a headwind. It always feels like you have a tailwind. Thanks to the easy-to-use display of Bosch Purion, you can view all information about your route.

Perfect braking in all weather conditions

Do you have to brake unexpectedly? Thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes, you can stop safely and quickly. Accelerate quickly afterwards? You’ll be back in your nice cycling rhythm within seconds thanks to the 5-speed gears of the Shimano Nexus brand. Thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes, you also have little (cost of) maintenance.

Battery upgrade possible

The standard version of this e-bike from Sparta has a battery capacity of 400 Wh. This gives you a range of between 40 and 90 kilometers. The exact range depends on the weather conditions and the amount of pedal assistance you want to receive.

Do you want to increase the battery of this electric bicycle? It is possible to upgrade the battery to a range of between 50 and 111 kilometers and 70 and 140 kilometers.

Downsides of the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023

From user experience that the saddle of this Sparta e-bike can feel a bit hard. This can cause you to experience some saddle pain in the beginning. This pain is caused by the friction between the skin and the saddle. Prevent saddle pain by ensuring the correct adjustment of components and by wearing the right cycling shorts.

All pluses and minuses in a row

All features come together with this modern bicycle from the Dutch brand Sparta. This way you have less (costs for) maintenance and it is possible to upgrade the battery for a larger range. For an overview, we have listed all the pluses and minuses of the Sparta d-Rule Energy 2023 for you:

+ Awarded E-Bike of the Year 2022 in the Urban E-Bike category
+ Move forward with ease in headwinds or hilly areas
+ Always the ‘wind with feeling’ thanks to the Bosch mid-engine
+ Easy to operate display
+ Fast and safe braking
+ Brakes require little maintenance
+ Battery upgrade possible

– Saddle can feel hard in the beginning after purchase

Are you curious about this electric bike? At it is possible to take a test ride and experience this e-bike yourself.

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