Soundary –

Proposed by a research team from Orange Labs in France, this free and ad-free application will allow you to create your own charades, or try to guess a mystery word thanks to sound clues.

By playing Soundary, you will also participate in the research project for sound recognition anonymously. Indeed, Soundary does not collect any personal data, a nickname is enough to play it.

– Create a sound charade and share it with other players.
– Solve other players’ charades with sound hints.
– 3 levels of difficulty.
– Unlimited fun and laughter.
– Dozens of categories available.
– No advertising, so no interference in the middle of the game.
– Earn musical notes to collect a clue.

Among the categories available:
– The mysterious sounds of the garden.
– Mouth-watering cooking sounds.
– The fabulous songs of household appliances.
– The sounds of the city.
– The terrifying living room felines.
– Office atmosphere.


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