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This year’s Summer Game Fest once again focused on virtual space, and just like last year, this year Geoff Keighley took on the role of moderator of this show. Over 30 games appeared at the event, including the long-speculated Elden Ring. But there was also confirmation of the existence of a new spin-off for Borderlands – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we also saw a trailer for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut by Hide Kojima, through the segment about the new label Prime Matter we learned about the development of a new Painkiller and Jurassic World or Two Point Campus.

Elden Ring

As the saying goes, the best in the end. The players’ calls were finally heard, and at the very end of the event we saw the long-awaited gameplay trailer for Elden Ring, which ends a long information drought interspersed with occasional small and poor leaks. In addition, the release date was announced, which is not so far – January 21, 2022. Elden Ring arises from the collaboration of George RR Martin, author of the legendary Game of Thrones, and Hidetak Miyazaki, who is also behind the legendary Dark Souls, respectively. his shame From Software, which is definitely not denied from the demonstration itself. The press release shows that after an unhappy world we will be able to move on our own and on the back of a faithful steed and most importantly – that the game will offer multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

It’s no big surprise that we can look forward to Director’s Cut exclusivity for PlayStation 4 from the studio of designer Hide Kojima – Death Stranding. Surprising, however, was the way in which his announcement was made. Metal Gear Solid fans will certainly appreciate this humorous nipple, and players will appreciate the fact that Death Stranding will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5, which the game is supposed to visit soon.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Right at the beginning, he received an official announcement of the Borderlands spin-off called Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which confirmed recent rumors. The fantasy addition to the world of Borderlands, in which Ashly Burch will be introduced again as Tiny Tina, is to be seen as early as the beginning of 2022.


After many years, the iconic FPS Painkiller announces its return. Saber Interactive has taken over the development and the title is to be released by the new Koch Media publishing house, which is called Prime Matter, but more information is not yet known. Perhaps we can only hope that, following the example of the first game from 2004, we will see a crowd of demons and a peculiar way of their elimination.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

The newly announced continuation of the Jurassic World: Evolution strategy will hit the market later this year. The novelty will arrive on the old and new consoles and on the PC, and its plot will be directly related to the events of the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The second part, in terms of game mechanisms, builds on the legacy of the original game and, based on it, promises the developers at Frontier Developments to bring a maximally improved experience full of realism and iconic film moments to which players can return and reverse.

Evil Dead: The Game

Meet old acquaintances from the cult series Evil Dead, grab motorbikes and face the deadly evil lurking in the forest. The multiplayer horror action Evil Dead: The Game is based on the original films, but also on the few years old series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The game announced last year was this time presented with a short gameplay video, in which we can see teamwork in the skin of the famous characters of the series and, of course, a number of brutal liquidations of evil entities. However, whoever does not want to stand on the side of good can seize the dark forces and Ash and neutralize the rest of his party. Of course, there are plenty of weapons, a stylish graphic side, elaborate gore and ubiquitous blood. The icing on the cake is the voice of Bruce Campbell himself, the representative of Ash Williams.

Call of Duty – 4. sezóna

The fourth season is heading to Call of Duty with new content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. We can look forward to the maps of Collateral, Amsterdam and Hijacked for Cold War, which were introduced at least briefly by the first trailer. But the news will also appear in Verdansk for Warzone. Zombie fans will also see the new content, and the whole season will start on June 17. Until then, however, the developers will undoubtedly present it in detail.

Planet of Lana

The demonstration of the title Planet of Lana began with a magical stylization and a picturesque world full of peace and colors. However, as usual, the calm soon took over very quickly and the title produced by the Wishfully Studios team very quickly shows the other face. In it, the main heroine Lana and her little partner Mui set out on an adventure full of logical puzzles to find Lana’s lost sister. The novelty will only arrive on the Xbox console and on the PC.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt

The literally bloody battle royale Blood Hunt from the Sharkmob studio, which is set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, was hinted at last year, but now we are finally seeing the details. While most of the players in the show will be fascinated by the fierce battles between vampires and their clans, our people will probably be even more interested in the fact that everything takes place in our capital and the goal is domination over the city itself. Blood in the streets of Prague will flow soon, as the game is to be available on a PC this year, in free-to-play mode. However, it is now also possible to register for the closed alpha test, which will be launched at the beginning of July.

Two Point Campus

Developers from Two Point Studios have officially introduced their new tycoon Two Point Campus. After escaping from the Microsoft Store, we saw all the essentials, but the first trailer underlined the relaxed atmosphere, the thematic environments of universities and their campuses, and the crazy gameplay in the spirit of Two Point Hospital. We will set off on campus in a very peculiar spirit next year on the PC, both generations of the PlayStation and the Xbox and Switch.

Metal Slug Tactics

Shortly after the launch of Kickoff Live! Geoff Keighley announced a big comeback from the 1990s – Metal Slug. The novelty with the subtitle Tactics follows the links of unfailing actions using elements of the genres run and gun and shoot ’em up. At the same time, however, the novelty does not forget the legacy of the series, and you may be the first to be most interested in the retro graphic jacket in which the game is covered. In addition, the novelty will also want to attract elements of tactical RPG games of titles and elements known from roguelike games.

Lost Ark

Amazon has unveiled its free-to-play RPG Lost Ark, which will arrive in North America and Europe (including us) this fall after three years of being available in South Korea and reaping a number of player successes. Lost Ark is a Devil-like RPG and currently offers fifteen game classes and adventures and battles against the Legion of Demons in the world of Arkesia, which can be completed solo and in cooperation. We will see if players outside the Asian continent will like the title. Beta tests are already underway in Japan and Russia. The rest of the players will see during the summer.

Escape from Tarkov

The developers at Battlestate Games have introduced a new level for Escape from Tarkov, which bears a very apt name – Streets of Tarkov. In the spirit of the expected gameplay, the players will go to the urban development, which they have heard about in recent months, but only now can they take a closer look at it through a new video. Tight corridors, unexpected overflows, interesting locations and an inimitable atmosphere. These are just snippets of what the streets of the city of Tarkov will surround the player with, but unfortunately we still don’t know when that will happen. So far, this year only promises a non-specific date.

Payday 3

Although we discussed the circumstances surrounding the new Kochu label – Prime Matter – in a separate video and articles, it is definitely worth remembering that one of the games in the new portfolio is Payday 3 from Starbreeze developers. Prime Matter has provided approximately 50 million euros for development and marketing and becomes a co-publisher of the title. He will be in charge of placing physical copies and will also guarantee at least 18 months of support for the game after the release. However, Payday 3 is still quite far away and we can’t wait for it until 2023 on PCs and consoles.

Source: Starbreeze

Salt and Sacrifice

The performance saw the continuation of a two-dimensional action RPG and the salt and sanctuary metroid. The novelty is called Salt and Sacrifice and at least for the time being it will target only the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, at the earliest next year. In addition to revisiting the picturesque world full of magic, you can also look forward to locating and online cooperation and a story that will be about hunting magicians.

The Anacrusis

Another of the newly unveiled titles is the sci-fi action Anacrusis, which is set aboard an abandoned spaceship sailing through the far reaches of space and which, as part of a cooperative action, offers activities for up to four players at once. And as the first video suggests – this title will definitely not be taken seriously. The Stray Bombay development team promises never-ending replayability, which is taken care of mainly by artificial intelligence in an intruder-infested ship. Anacrusis will target the PC and the Xbox console.

Chivalry II

A medieval multiplayer and not very realistic mower is already available, so you can immediately throw yourself on the battlefield and fight giant armies. As part of Kickoff Live! we could see a new launch trailer attracting to the whirlwind of events and to historical battles full of uncompromising and above all immediate battles.

House of Ashes

House of Ashes is another horror adventure from the Dark Pictures series and on Kickoff Live! we had the opportunity to see a story set set in 2003. The multiplatform title will take players to Iraq and to the mysterious area of ​​archeological excavations, where something went awry. The American soldiers inadvertently woke up the ancient demon, and again it will only depend on the decision of us players who will actually survive. The third part of the horror series will be released on October 22, just in time for the developers to catch Halloween.

Former authors of Call of Duty have founded a new studio

Deviation Games is the name of a new team founded by Treyarch veterans Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. They have teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment to create a brand new brand under the wings of PlayStation Studios. They are at the very beginning, so they did not show their new project, nor did they say much about it. But it is supposed to be an AAA IP and it will be a groundbreaking event. The authors have great ambitions and, of course, are based on what they have learned before. But they no longer want to be tied to existing brands. Even though the Deviation Games are just beginning, it’s not a small team. It consists of over 100 people.

Sky: Children of The Light

The magic prank Sky: Children of The Light by Thatgamecompany, the authors of the charming adventure Journey, will arrive on July 29 on the Nindendo Switch. The game was originally released on mobile devices, in 2019 on iOS and in 2020 on Android. As in Journey, they rely on cooperation, where together with other players you explore as a child the lights of the ravaged kingdom of Sky and try to bring new hope to it. In addition, this dream world will be temporarily complemented by an event connected with the famous Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who will visit Sky on July 6.

Back 4 Blood

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Solar Ash

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Endless Dungeon

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Tales of Arise

Stranger Things – Smite

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