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Monday night belongs to the developers from Capcom, who have already announced in advance that they will talk mainly about the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter series at their conference. In the first case, attention should be focused on the last part of Resident Evil Village and the multiplayer addition Re: Verse. In the second case, we have news about Monster Hunter Rise, as well as about the July Monster Hunter Stories 2. But Ace Attorney shouldn’t be missing either, and who knows, maybe there will be a surprise.

Resident Evil Village

The first segment of today’s showcase belonged to the last part of the Resident Evil series. Producer Cujoshi Kanda thanked everyone who bought and played Village and reminded that all players will get to Resident Evil Re: Verse for free. The multiplayer add-on will arrive next month and will be available on all platforms. The developers also confirmed that they have already started working on the first DLC, but they will bring the details later and did not have any specific information for us.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

This was followed by a new trailer for the turn-based RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, which lured the story, showed gameplay and there was no lack of additional information. A demo version will be released on June 25, and it will be possible to transfer all the achieved progress to the full game, which will be released on July 9 on Nintendo Switch and PC. At the same time, there will be a connection with Monster Hunter Rise, which will bring new tasks and bonuses.

Monster Hunter Rise

The information was also updated by Monster Hunter Rise – Capcom lured to version 3.1, which will add new quests and other downloadable content on June 24. The game will be too cooperate with Wings of Ruin through special layered Palico armor, available from June 18. Conversely, it will be possible to use the saved position from Rise and get in the Wings of Ruin after the release to the Rider armor, which will complete the interconnection of both games. The developers have also indicated that August will include an update to version 3.2, which will also focus on other content and additions of the nature described above.

The Great Ace Acttorney Chronicles

Capcom has confirmed that it is preparing to release a pair of games from the Ace Attorney series on July 27, which have so far been released only in Japan. These are The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. In the West, the duo will be compiled with the subtitle Chronicles, on PC, PS4 and of course on Switch. In addition to a preview of the game, which took place in Japan and the UK, the developers introduced a pair of new mechanisms / minigames – Dance Deduction and Summation Examination – which will be used to clarify cases using a logical and deductive game with evidence.

E-sport presented by Capcom

The conclusion of the presentation was an e-sport and a reminder of how active Capcom is in this field. A pair of commentators Vicious and Robtv said a few words about Capcom ProTour and the Street Fighter League. Pro Tour tournaments will continue this year as well, with the best having to go through a network of many competitions to compete for the title of world champion. Each of the upcoming 32 tournaments in 19 regions will have a prize pool of $ 5,000 and will receive professional commentary, including an introductory show. As for the Street Fighter League, this year will also take place in a series of many tournaments with 3v3 rules and a total financial contribution of $ 150,000.

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