Soosee helps allergy sufferers to decipher labels

Soosee was launched last year for iOS and is now also available for Android. With Soosee you can scan products and then see if there is something in them that you are allergic to, for example.

Soosee – Allergy, Vegan, Gluten & Food scanner

People with a food allergy or intolerance are more likely to spend longer in the supermarket because they have to decipher the labels with ingredients on packaging. This also applies to vegans who want to avoid animal products, to pregnant women who are not allowed to eat certain products, to people who want to check cosmetics for microplastics, et cetera. Soosee wants to make that routine easier by doing the work for these people.

You can indicate in the app which keywords the app should focus on. Click on it or add it to a group. Such a group may, for example, contain different milk products. Soosee itself already contains several groups:

Fruits & Vegetables, Gluten, Chicken Egg, Lupine, Nuts, Peanuts, Celery, Sesame Seeds, Soybeans, Spices & Herbs, Sulfite, Fish & Shellfish, Dairy Products, General Non-Vegan, Animal E-Numbers, Possible Animal E-Numbers, Meat , Microplastics, Possibly Palm Oil, Palm Oil, Additives, Alcohol, Sugar & Sweetener and Pregnancy

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Then you scan the ingredient list of a product (not the barcode) with this app and you immediately see ingredients you should avoid. Those words are given the color of the group you have selected or created. Soosee can decipher ingredients for you in 18 languages. Handy when you are on vacation.

How much does Soosee cost?

You can use Soosee for free. Do you want more options in the app? Then you can do this with an annual subscription (5.99 euros) or a one-time payment (11.99 euros). You then get extra functions at your disposal, such as being able to create an unlimited number of groups.

Soosee is an informative app that helps you read ingredients, but it is important that you do the final check yourself.

Download Soosee

Would you also like to try Soosee? Soosee can be downloaded for free for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store. Let us know what you think of this idea in the comments!

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