Soon your phone will no longer be able to accidentally dial 112

Do you remember the story of Wim Kerkhof, about a Motorola user who accidentally and without knowing called the emergency services because the phone was stuck in the handbag and apparently stuck there. The SOS function within Android is very good in emergency situations, but unfortunately it is also regularly triggered accidentally. That may now come to an end, because Google is changing something in the SOS function that will probably make both citizens and emergency services very happy.

SOS function

Whether you have your phone lying loose in your bicycle basket and are going to cycle in the much too bumpy Zaandam, or whether you are wearing tight pants and have put your phone in your pocket: there are all kinds of situations that the SOS function of be able to trigger your device (which is mainly because pressing the on/off button 5 times already makes the SOS pop up). Sometimes that is a bit too sensitive and Google is now going to do something about it. Although it’s not very much… Google (via Android Police) has given more explanation to phone makers to ensure that they in turn can take action to make the SOS option less sensitive.

Of course, Google itself tries to adjust some things via Android, but it does place the responsibility with the makers of telephones: they are their devices, so they must ensure that those devices do not inadvertently make pocket calls or bicycle basket calls to the emergency services. It is important that something is done about this, because every control room operator who is ready to help someone, but calls with a buttock, is unable to speak to someone who clearly needs help. Roll up your sleeves, therefore, for the telephone makers.

Have you ever accidentally called 112 and did you solve that using our article about it? Do you think Google can solve it better? Leave it now in the comments.

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