Soon you will be able to unlock your Android device or Chromebook with your Wear OS watch

Google has announced new functionality for Wear OS. It should become possible to unlock your smartphone or Chromebook with your smartwatch.

unlock android device with smartwatch

Google wants to further improve the Android ecosystem, and has announced a new feature that may come in handy. From later this year it should be possible to unlock your Chromebook, Android phone or Android tablet with your smartwatch. This can work if they are in close proximity and should work similar to how you unlock your Chromebook with your Android device.

It should not only be possible to unlock your smartphone, but also to lock it again, with the touch of your smartwatch. The condition is that, just like for unlocking, the smartwatch runs on Google’s Wear OS. It should be similar to how iPhone users can unlock their iPhone using the Apple Watch.

The workings of Google’s plan can be seen below in a GIF image.

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