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Soon you will be able to pause a WhatsApp voice message

WhatsApp is back with a new feature. As a user you will soon be able to pause and resume the recording while recording a voice message.

Lately, WhatsApp seems to be catching up with the rollout of new features. We have seen progress in the field of privacy and yesterday it was revealed that you can now mute someone during a group conversation. Handy if, for example, because of a crying baby with one participant, you can no longer understand the rest. mute!

Pause whatsapp voice message

So today a new feature. This time is the ability to pause and resume a recording of a WhatsApp voice message. The pause button can be found next to the send button, WABetaInfo reports.

If you want to take a sip, have a cough, or just want to think about the rest of your message, you can pause now. Have you figured out what else you wanted to say, it’s a matter of pressing the button again and you can continue.


WhatsApp is part of Meta and is certainly in the Netherlands one of the most used apps to send and receive messages. However, there is also a lot of criticism of the app, especially since WhatsApp is part of Meta. For example, privacy at Meta would be less well organized. Lately, Meta seems to be sprinting with new functions that should arrange that better.

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