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soon one big party for all your RAW photos

Those who take photos in the highest quality, so-called ‘RAW photos’, will always be able to view them in Google Photos. At the moment they only appear in the gallery if you back up RAW photos, but that’s not very useful. We explain.

RAW in Google Photos

Many smartphones today can take photos in the highest quality: the RAW format. These images then appear in a separate ‘RAW’ folder on your phone and Google Photos does not back up this folder by default. RAW photos are always larger files, which would fill up your cloud storage very quickly.

However, there is also an important disadvantage to this, because those who take photos at the highest quality cannot view them on the Google Photos home screen in this way. This is because they are not part of the backup. 9To5Google has now discovered that Google is working on a solution to that problem. The code of the Photos app shows that RAW photos will always appear in the feed, regardless of whether the backup is on.

Advantages and disadvantages of RAW

RAW photos always contain the pure data, exactly as your camera sensor captured it. Unlike a jpg file, there is no loss of quality. There are also many more options with RAW photos if you want to edit photos afterwards. We discuss all the advantages and less good features of RAW photography in detail in this article.

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It is not yet entirely clear how the change in Google Photos will work. Hopefully the RAW folder will still be visible in your library. This is useful if you want to copy all your large photo files to your PC or an external hard drive in one go.

We also don’t know when the update will follow. It is probably a server-side change. That is, the novelty will not work after updating Google Photos in the Play Store. Google will remotely activate the feature for users.

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