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Sony turns their brilliant games into 10 films and TV series

Sony has officially announced that they are working on no less than 10 different films and TV series about their exclusive games!

Sony is currently going very hard with the PlayStation 5, but the Japanese game company was once best known for their exclusive games. They undoubtedly know that themselves; After all, they own franchises like God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Street Fighter, Yakuza, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and many more. To get the most out of it, the company is also working on 10 films and TV series about their exclusive games. This is what we already know.

Sony makes 10 films and TV series about games

Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra reveals exciting news in an interview with CNBC (via MediaPost). Sony is working on no less than 3 films and 7 TV series based on their iconic games.

Currently, two projects are already in the spotlight. The Uncharted games are already practically interactive movies and a real Uncharted movie is on the way. Tom Holland, who we know as Spider-Man in Marvel’s most recent films, will play the lead role of Nathan Drake.

We also know that Sony is planning a Metal Gear Solid movie. The great Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron in the recent Star Wars trilogy) will portray the iconic character.

Then there is another series in the making about the emotional The Last of Us. On that all we know is that the brains behind HBO’s genius Chernobyl will make the show.

If we then do a quick calculation, there are at least 6 TV series in the making at Sony, while there is only one of the films left where we can let our imaginations run wild.

At least I know; I’d love to see a God of War movie where a muscular Kratos pits against badass CGI monsters and gods. Or how about a historically accurate samurai show about Ghost of Tsushima ?! Either way, Sony has plenty of goodies to choose from.

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