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Sony gives you a new function

For some time now, the PS4 and PS5’s Share feature has allowed gamers to capture game clips and then trim and add some effects to them in the Share Factory. Sony has now added a new function to the PS5 version of the app that allows you to create crisp video snippets even faster and share them with your friends.

Bits: Sony unveils new video editor for the PS5

Thanks to the share function, players on the PS4 and PS5 can record the last few minutes of the game in no time at all and save it on the console – and thanks to the Share Factory Studio, edit it directly.

The practical video editor does not replace professional editing programs such as Final Cut, Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, the scope of the PlayStation app is sufficient for minor adjustments.

Sony is now jumping on the TikTok trend with the Share Factory Studio and is expanding the app on the PS5 with a new function that is intended to make creating short and entertaining clips even easier: the bits editor.

This allows you to edit a clip in a few steps. You can add texts, put emojis, arrows, stickers and other symbols on the video and even record a short voice-over and add an audio effect to it.

And if you want to get a result even faster, you can do it easily one of the already created templates select it and apply it to his clip (source: PlayStationBlog).

After rendering the clip, you can either send it directly to your PSN friends or uploaded to Twitter or YouTube will. Other social media platforms are not available at the moment. In addition, clips can so far only in the classic 16:9 format be rendered. It is not known whether a function will be added later that allows you to create clips in portrait format and then upload them to Instagram or even TikTok.

New video feature: PS4 players get nothing

Although Sony offers a similar app on the PS4 with the SHAREfactory, the Bits function is only available to PS5 players so far. It is doubtful whether the new editor will later be submitted for the last-gen console. Finally, Sony has also started to slowly saw off the PS4.

If you haven’t used Share Factory Studio on your PS5 yet, you can easily find the video editing software from the PlayStation Store and download it for free. The app occupies about 2.5 GB of your memory.

Watch Share Factory Studio directly on PlayStation Store

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