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Sony: a collapsible smartphone with transparent screen

It seems that foldable screen smartphones are in fashion in 2019.

After Samsung, here we learn that Sony is also working on this type of camera.

The best offers of the moment:

However, the approach of the Japanese manufacturer is different from that of Samsung, since we would have here a foldable smartphone composed of two separate but transparent screens: a screen on the front, and a screen on the back.

Sony has already filed a patent in this sense.

The patent also describes six different screen modes: 3 for the front screen, 3 for the back screen.
There is therefore a choice between a transparent mode, a semi-transparent mode and an opaque mode.

If the user will be able to choose between these modes, be aware that the camera can also be programmed to set a specific mode depending on the ambient brightness or the battery life.

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