Sonos has redesigned its cheapest Wifi + Bluetooth speaker

Sonos is a famous company quality audio. It should be added that quality is often redeemed by the price of products. That could change now. Sonos introduced Wifi + Bluetooth reproduktor Roam. Measuring just 16.8 × 6.2 × 6 cm, the new speaker will offer high-quality sound and interesting switching between the ecosystem of other Sonos speakers. In terms of technical parameters, Roam offers up to 10 hours of playback and charging via USB-C or via a wireless charger. The connection between the phone will work through Wifi and Sonos application or Bluetooth 5.

When making the new speaker, Sonos tried to work with the idea of ​​its own ecosystem, so users will be able to set what happens when they come home with a playing speaker. There are two options – switch music to Sonos home speakers or let Repos continue to play on their own. Therefore, no switching in the application or pairing. The principle works the other way around, if your home Wi-Fi network is not in range, the speaker will automatically connects to the phone via Bluetooth.

Another interesting feature is voice assistant support and the Sonos application itself (Android and iOS), which allows all sorts of speaker settings. Sonos has introduced the Roam Wi-Fi + Bluetooth speaker as a second option compared to the previous model Move. Roam is more than half the price cheaper. The Bluetooth speaker will cost € 179 (approx. CZK 4,890) and should hit the market on April 20. It will allegedly be the Czech market as well, so we will see for ourselves if we will see Sonos Roam.

What attracted you to the new Sonos Roam?

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