Sometimes less maternity care due to a shortage of staff

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Spray diapers, cramps, (hormonal) tears; if you have just given birth, a lot is coming your way. It is then nice if the maternity assistant can help you with your brand new baby during the first week. But due to staff shortages, it is increasingly common for new parents to receive shorter maternity care.

This is reported by the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ).

Fewer hours of care

In some parts of the country, the supply of maternity care is very limited, because maternity care companies have to reduce their working area due to staff shortages. On average, new parents receive 49 hours of maternity care, spread over seven or eight days in a row. This care is now sometimes provided for less time than the standard number of hours. When the stork passes very often in the same area for a period, for example, so that the staff is needed elsewhere. The legal minimum is 24 hours.

The IGJ visited six large maternity care companies, which together provide 28 percent of maternity care in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are more than two hundred large and smaller companies that offer maternity care. According to the inspectorate, about eleven thousand maternity carers are needed, at the moment there are about nine thousand. Fortunately, the number of legal hours never falls below the minimum.

More faces

Due to the shortage, families also often see different faces in a few days. According to the Inspectorate, this need not be a problem, as long as the transfer of care is properly arranged. The quality of Dutch maternity care is good; maternity nurses take new mothers and their wishes into account and work closely with other care providers.


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