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Some Pixel Watch owners are seeing irregular heart rhythm notifications

Pixel Watch doesn’t naturally have it, but it seems to be getting some good influence from Fitbit. Some people with a Pixel Watch have reported that their wearable has recently started giving notifications about irregular heart rhythms.

Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch does have something to do with the heart: it has an app that lets you take ECGs (electrocardiograms) that record your heartbeat for 30 seconds. This checks whether fibrillation occurs in the heart, but not whether you suffer from a heart rhythm disorder, for example. Something you are used to when you wear a Fitbit. Even the most simplistic Fitbit wearables offer the ability to recognize those arrhythmic movements of the heart.

Fitbits such as Sense, Versa, Charge, Luxe and Inspire are capable of it, but it’s not reported anywhere that the Pixel Watch would be capable of it as well. Yet more and more people now appear to be getting these types of notifications on their Pixel watches. They’ll see it within the Fitbit app in the Discover tab. You can then see when the data was last analyzed and view the notifications specifically.

It does not apply to all Pixel users, writes 9to5Google. Unfortunately, because the Pixel Watch could use an upgrade in terms of health options. For example, you cannot do saturation measurements with it or receive notifications if your heart rate is extremely high or very low. The skin temperature is also not measured. As you can read in our review, a lot can be done with the Google Pixel Watch, but it could use some extras. It seems to be there now, although we hope that the option will come to all Pixels.

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We previously wrote about the Pixel Watch’s heart rate options: “The heart rate readings from the Pixel Watch are consistent with other smartwatches I’ve compared. Google’s app shows your resting heart rate, but you also get an assessment of your fitness and the heart rate zones you’ve been in for the past week. I also noticed that there are no times during the day when the Pixel Watch has failed to register my heart rate.” So hopefully something else will come along.

Do you have a Pixel Watch and do you already see this notification in the Fitbit app?

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