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Some Pixel 7 twilight photos aren’t saved

Some Pixel 7 twilight photos aren’t saved

Google Pixel 7’s camera appears to have a problem. In some cases, photos in twilight, also known as ‘low light’ are not saved. It only concerns macro photos.

Twilight photos

AndroidPolice spotted on Reddit that many people were talking about the problem. If the flash is on and the light is dim, a macro photo will seem to fail to save. It’s thankfully a non-standard issue: we tried it on our Google Pixel 7 Pro and didn’t run into the same problem, so either the circumstances are even more specific or it’s definitely not happening on every Pixel 7 phone.

Fortunately, there is an example of this, if you look at MintySkyhawk’s video below. In this case, an attempt was made to take a picture of the inside of a computer using the Pixel 7 Pro.

Bug in Pixel 7

Someone more technical has looked at what exactly happens in the data when this problem occurs. It is due to the Google Camera app and occurs on both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Other people say it’s because of HDR: the algorithm that helps Pixel take an extra good photo would make it all a bit too much.

If it bothers you, it’s best to experiment a bit to see if you can take the photo in a different way. Maybe a normal photo and then zoom in later, or turn off the flash. There are quite a lot of experiments to do, although it is of course essential that Google comes up with a bug fix. It’s still early days, so Google hasn’t commented on it yet. Whether it works on a bug fix, we don’t know yet.

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