Social media companies don’t kill people after all

According to the president of America, who returns to an earlier statement in which he says that social media companies, such as Facebook, kill people.

It keeps the minds in America busy: the statement of US President Joe Biden. He said that platforms like Facebook are “killing people”. This by spreading incorrect information about the corona vaccine. These platforms allow this and leave this disinformation online. However, he now reluctantly returns to this statement.

Yo, really!? It is indeed a remarkable statement by the president. He didn’t mean it that way, he says now. According to Biden, he wasn’t talking about the social media platforms, but the people who put the wrong information online. According to The Guardian, Biden now says: ‘Facebook doesn’t kill people. It’s about those 12 people who spread disinformation. Anyone who listens to it is hurt; that kills people.’

Biden made his statement in response to a report published in March. This report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate describes 12 online personalities blamed for the widespread dissemination of disinformation. And also conspiracy theories.


The president’s goal was to increase the pressure on the platforms. He believes that this information is undesirable and that it should be taken offline. “I hope Facebook does something about the spread of disinformation, instead of taking it personally that I would have said that ‘Facebook kills people,'” Biden said. But then it is not useful if you make such a statement. Facebook, of course, was quick to respond.

Last weekend, the company wrote a message in response to the statements. Facebook reacted strongly by saying that the US government is looking for a scapegoat. As a result, the government points to social media as the reason for the rising number of corona infections. The tech giant ended by stating that they help spread the right information to counter the virus.

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