So you can see films & series in English

If you prefer to watch films and series in the original English or anime in Japanese with subtitles, you can do so with most of the content on Netflix. We’ll show you here on GIGA how you can change the language for individual films and series or generally set a different language for Netflix as a preference for all content and menus.

More and more film lovers watch their films and series in the OV. So that nothing stands in the way of a successful home cinema evening, the Netflix streaming service allows you to quickly switch between languages ​​at any time. If you are not yet quite fluent in the language, or if you invite friends who have a harder time with the English language, you can also switch on subtitles. Just read: Adjust subtitles on Netflix – this is how it works.

If you watch everything in English anyway or if German is not your mother tongue, it makes sense to set the respective language permanently. So every film and every episode starts immediately on the desired audio track (if this is available on Netflix). To change the language of Netflix completely – in our example to English – you proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Netflix app (Smartphone & tablet) or the Netflix website in a new tab (PC).
    If not done automatically: Loggt you with your account data.
  2. Choose yours profile pic (top right) and click on “Account” (English “Account”).
  3. Now scroll down to “Profiles and parental controls” (English “Profile & Parental Controls”) and choose the Arrow next to the profile where you want to change the language.
    Change Netflix profile language
  4. In which “Language” menu item (English “Language”) you choose the “Change” link (English “Change”). Here you get the following two options:
    1. “Display language” (“Display Language”): The display language affects the menus, preview texts and the standard language (gray check mark in the next menu).
    2. “Languages ​​for series and films” (“Shows & Movies Languages”): Here you set the language in which films and series should start if there is no soundtrack for your standard language (gray tick).
      Netflix display language language series and movies
  5. Finally you have to click on the “Save” button Press (“Save”) to confirm your selection.

The language settings apply globally to your account. That means: Films and series now also start on other devices (smartphone, console, etc.) in the set language if you use the respective Netflix profile. If you have friends over who would rather watch in German, you can of course switch quickly at any time, as we explain in the following paragraph.

You can also see more tips and tricks about the streaming provider in the following Video:

Choose between the audio tracks

If you only want to watch certain films, series or programs in a different language, you can also change the soundtrack at any time without permanently selecting a preference. If you only want to change the settings for a specific film or episode, proceed as follows:

  1. Start playing your desired film or series.
  2. Choose that Speech bubble icon (“Audio and Subtitles”) in the control bar of the Netflix player.
  3. A selection should now appear in which you can find under “Audio” can select the audio track you want.
    Change Netflix language Select language
  4. The video should start playing immediately in the language you selected.

How do you watch films & series?

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