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so you can quickly find a place to park

Apple has given the Maps app a new feature. This allows you to quickly find a free place to park with Apple Maps.

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Apple Maps: find a place to park quickly

Do you sometimes search endlessly for a parking space? Then Apple has the solution for you. A new function in Apple Maps now shows the free parking spaces. This way you never have to drive in circles in a parking lot, hoping that a spot will become available!

Find a parking space in Apple Maps: this is how it works

Apple Maps’ new parking feature is currently only available in the United States and Canada. The function immediately comes out for 8000 parking locations. Whether and when the feature will also come to other countries is still unclear.

The new function not only makes it possible to see where a parking space is available, you can also reserve the parking space immediately with an accompanying app. Apple works together with SpotHero, an American platform that manages parking spaces.

Once you have found a suitable parking space, you can pay in advance. This way you only have to park and get out immediately, without having to walk to the parking meter first. This way you also avoid the queue at the parking meter. Ideal for larger events such as a concert or football match.

Specify parking space preferences in the app

It is therefore not possible to reserve and pay for a parking space directly in Apple Maps. For this you need to download a separate app from SpotHero on your iPhone. In the app it is also possible to specify your preferences for a specific parking space. For example, you can opt for a covered parking space or a disabled parking space.

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The app indicates what the parking space looks like before parking. Not a fan of parallel parking? Then you simply choose a different parking space. On the map of the app, you can see how most parking bays look from above. If not, check in the app whether there is a photo of the parking space. This way you can be sure that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises when parking!

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Parking function in Apple Maps getting better

Since 2016, Apple has been providing more information about parking spaces in the Netherlands. This way you can immediately see how many spaces the car park has, but unfortunately not how many spaces are still available. You will also see what the payment options are, what the headroom is, whether people with a disability can enter properly and whether there is a lift.

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