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So you can avoid the price increase

At DHL, the prices are rising. If you want to send a package or parcel in the future, you will have to pay a little more under certain conditions. However, there is currently another way of avoiding the price increase – ideally for the next three years.

DHL savings sets make parcel shipping cheaper

If you already know that you will be using a lot of packages in the coming months, then you should stock up on DHL savings sets. From July 1, 2022, the prices for DHL labels that you can buy online will increase. The prices then correspond to those in the branch. So you no longer have any advantage in going to the trouble of buying the DHL shipping label online, printing it out and then taking it to the post office. If you still want to save money, the savings sets are a good option (look at DHL).

With the savings sets from DHL, you can still send parcels more cheaply. (Image source: DHL)

You simply buy your DHL shipping label for certain package sizes in advance and can save a few euros. the Package stamps purchased in a set are valid for three years and are saved in your profile so that they can be redeemed automatically when franking. So if you know you’re going to be shipping a lot of packages of a certain size over the next three years, stock up on that. Of course, this is only worthwhile if you are already sure that you will need them.

What you absolutely have to consider when sending packages:

DHL lowers the price of a package

In principle, all online prices for DHL shipping labels are expensive, but not as expensive for a package of up to 5 kg as is currently the case in the branch. The price increases from 5.99 euros to 6.99 euros. Actually, the price could have risen to 7.49 euros, but DHL lowers the price in the branch from 7.49 euros to 6.99 euros, so that in the end you don’t have to pay as much more as you would have had in the worst case be able.

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