so you can already try visionOS for free on your Mac

Apple has announced the Vision Pro and with this app we can finally get started with visionOS. This is how the new operating system works!

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Apple unveils Vision Pro

Apple has unveiled the company’s first VR glasses with the Vision Pro. With two 4K micro-LED screens, an M2 and R1 chip and twelve cameras, the spatial computer is an extremely advanced headset. This is also reflected in the price tag: the starting price is $ 3499.

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With the launch of a completely new device, of course, also comes a new operating system. For the Vision Pro, Apple has introduced visionOS, which is the system on which the headset runs. The glasses will not appear until 2024, so it will be some time before we can get started with the Vision Pro. Fortunately, a program on the Mac is now giving us our first taste of visionOS.

All applications in visionOS.

This is what visionOS looks like

Now that Apple has released the first test version of visionOS, we have a better idea of ​​exactly how the new operating system works. As soon as you wear the Vision Pro, you continue to see your surroundings. The apps then float in space for you, as it were.

You can choose whether you see the realistic environment, or whether you choose one of Apple’s backgrounds. It is also possible, for example, to stand in a museum or on the moon. With the Digital Crownwhich we already know from the Apple Watch, you then switch between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

apple vision OS
Safari in visionOS.

Using apps like Safari will – especially in the beginning – take some getting used to. The windows can now be placed anywhere in the room. So you open as many pages as you want and put them next to each other. You can then view multiple screens at the same time – an extra monitor is no longer necessary. A cool feature here is that you decide how big the screen is. This way you will soon be able to watch YouTube videos in cinema format!

Typing with the glasses is done via voice control, with the digital keyboard or simply with the Magic Keyboard. In addition to performing gestures, the Vision Pro is also controlled with your eyes. The glasses recognize the place you are looking at, so you can open an application in visionOS by simply looking at it. Of course, this cannot yet be tested in the test version of visionOS, but the first international reactions about the accuracy of the system were very positive.

apple vision OS
The default menu in visionOS.

Returning to the visionOS home screen is also simple, as there is always a subtle symbol on screen that opens the default menu of the headset. This symbol is always in the same place, so you don’t have to look for it. From the standard menu it is possible to open apps or go to the Vision Pro control panel. The control panel looks almost the same as that of the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

apple vision OS
The control panel in visionOS.

This is how you put visionOS on your Mac

Are you curious about the Vision Pro with visionOS and would you like to try the new operating system yourself? It is now possible for anyone to install the first test version of visionOS. You have to create a special developer account with Apple for this. The test version of visionOS is free to use, so you do not have to pay the amount of 99 euros when creating your account.

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To install visionOS on your Mac, you must have downloaded macOS Ventura 13.4 or newer. Then choose Xcode 15 beta 2 from Apple’s developer site to put all the necessary files on your Mac. Once all data has been downloaded, you can get started with visionOS. Please note that this is a test version, so not all functions are available yet and there may be bugs.

apple vision OS
Maps in visionOS.

Apple’s first headset is far from appearing

The Vision Pro has already been announced and we can already get started with visionOS, but for now we have to wait for the official release of the glasses. The headset will not appear until 2024. Apple mentions early next year as a release date, which means that we can probably also expect Apple Reality around this date.

Apple’s first VR glasses will be released in the United States first. It is not yet known if and when the Vision Pro will come to the Netherlands afterwards. There will be more clarity about this before 2024.

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