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So much iPhone is in the new Xiaomi operating system ApkRig

In addition to the new top smartphone Mi 11, Xiaomi also presented the latest version of its own MIUI user interface. Version 12.5 brings a number of new features and improvements. Some things might seem familiar to iPhone users, because iOS 14 was a clear role model.

Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 12.5 at a major event in China and did not shy away from a comparison with iOS. Apple’s operating system is not considered the gold standard for smartphones for nothing, Android cannot keep up with this in many areas. Xiaomi would like to catch up with MIUI 12.5, especially in the area of ​​privacy and security.

With the latest version, users have even better control over the access to their apps. A pop-up window now appears in which access to the clipboard can be granted or denied – as with iOS 14.

Xiaomi uses these iOS functions

Also known from iOS is the function of sharing only an approximate position instead of the exact location with an app. For this purpose, the Mi App Store lists under MIUI 12.5 details about what access an app needs and what data it can collect. A very similar overview can be found in Apple’s App Store.

Xiaomi has also significantly reduced the number of pre-installed apps, so that there is more space on the smartphone for the apps that you actually use. Improvements to the source code also ensure that MIUI works more efficiently. According to Xiaomi, the user interface uses 20 percent less memory and reduces power consumption by 25 percent compared to its predecessor.

New dynamic wallpapers

With MIUI 11, Xiaomi introduced Dynamic Wallpaper. These are background images that adapt to the time of day. With MIUI 12.5, new images of Mount Siguniang are added, which adapt to the weather in your region. You can also further personalize the sounds and the appearance of notifications. Noises and images of the rainforest, jungle or the arctic ice desert are now available for this purpose.

Incidentally, at the unveiling, Xiaomi also assured that the MIUI 12.5 is not just a small improvement, but a full update. It is unclear why the company did not release version 13 directly. Maybe she wanted to avoid the unlucky number.

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