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so many % are the iPhone and iPad more expensive than last year

so many % are the iPhone and iPad more expensive than last year

Just about everything has become more expensive recently, and that is certainly true of Apple products. A new report shows that the prices of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook will increase significantly worldwide in 2023.

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iPhones and iPads more expensive in 2023

Nukeni – a gadget price comparison website – analyzed the prices of the 37 online Apple Stores around the world. The comparison was made with what you now pay for the latest iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro and what you spent last year.

The price increase of the iPhone, shown in local currency

The difference is gutter. Compared to the iPhone 13, the prices of the iPhone 14 have increased in 29 out of 37 countries. the MacBook Pro range is more expensive in 27 countries and the latest iPad 2022 (10th generation) became even more expensive in all countries.

The price increases vary from country to country, and in the Netherlands the prices of Apple products rose relatively fast. We now pay more than 12% more for the latest iPhone than last year. The MacBook Pro 2023 is almost 9% more expensive than its predecessor. And if you want the most recent entry-level iPad, you will pay 51.41% more.

The price increase of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, shown in local currency

We also see that it can get worse. In Turkey, prices for Apple products have more than doubled due to extreme inflation. An Apple purchase is also a bigger drain on the wallet in Japan and Sweden, where the iPhone and MacBook Pro became more than 20% more expensive.

Why have Apple products become so expensive?

The global inflation of Apple products seems to be mainly due to the strong dollar. In the United States, the prices of various Apple products remained the same – such as the iPhone 14 series and MacBook Pro.

If you want a new Apple product, it is smart to look at the products that are one generation older. The iPhone 13 and MacBook Pro 2021 are almost as good as the newer version, but hundreds of euros cheaper. The 9th generation iPad from 2021 is also still for sale in many stores. You will find the best deals via the price comparisons below.

Apple iPhone 13

Apple MacBook Pro 2021

Apple iPad 2021

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