Snapchat down: Server malfunctions currently

Snapchat’s popularity continues to grow. With the app you can not only send boring text messages, but also bring funny pictures and selfies as well as your own picture stories to men and women. As with all major services, it is unfortunately inevitable that there will be disruptions on Snapchat. Here you can find out how to check whether Snapchat is down and what to do if the app doesn’t work.

Update from October 13th

There are currently increasing reports of Snapchat malfunctions. When you try to log in you only get a message that the “server connection failed”. The disorder seems to occur worldwide. An official statement on any server problems is already available on Twitter:

So you are aware of the problems and are working on a solution. Many users are currently unable to send or receive messages. Many users are now concerned about their flames. Does Snapchat work for you or does it also say “Snapchat is down” on your smartphone?

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Original article:

Snapchat is also enjoying steadily growing popularity in Germany. With us you will also find an overview of the stars who are represented on Snapchat. From time to time there are small disturbances in the still young social network. B. cannot send snaps or the loading of snaps does not work. There may be disruptions in the service and Snapchat down, but problems can also be caused by your own smartphone.

Snapchat doesn’t work – is the service down?

From time to time it can happen that Snapchat stops working or pictures cannot be uploaded. Problems can arise with both the Android version of the app and Snapchat for iPhone. Major disruptions and problems are reported via the Twitter channel Snapchat support communicated. The channel has a blue tick, so it is first-hand information.

If you say “Snapchat is no longer working” and there is no known malfunction, you should consult the following suggested solutions:

  • Often the problem is not with Snapchat, but with on your own smartphone. Check to see if your device has has an internet connectionby z. B. surfs any website with the browser app. If no websites can be opened, this is the reason why you cannot upload pictures or view friends’ stories. Check your WiFi or mobile network before restarting Snapchat.
  • Often it also helps simply to use the smartphone restartwhen Snapchat doesn’t work.
  • If you cannot receive or load any snaps even though the internet connection on your smartphone is stable, check the app settings to see if there is a new update. It often helps to delete the Snapchat data or the app cache in the menu for the “installed apps”.
  • If you cannot record videos or open your friends’ stories, it often helps to first completely delete the app from the smartphone and then reinstall it cleanly.

Is Snapchat down? Check server status

  • Maybe there is no problem with your app or your smartphone, but directly with the provider. #
  • On the website you can check if Snapchat is down. Other users can notify you here if Snapchat does not want to start, crashes or cannot upload pictures. Problems are indicated in a separate graphic.
  • The more reports there are at a certain point in time, the more likely it is that the servers are offline and Snapchat is down. In this case, not much helps than being patient.
  • Major malfunctions and server status messages are also sent directly via the official Twitter page of Snapchat communicates.
You will soon be able to continue snapping with our proposed solutions.

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