Smartwatch is facing the biggest upgrade in years

The 7th iteration of the Apple Watch could be officially presented in September. What the manufacturer envisions in detail for the Apple Watch Series 7 gradually seeps through. It is likely to be the biggest design upgrade in several years – but it might still be worth waiting for the successor.

Apple Watch 7: Major design upgrade planned

The look of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed much in the past few years. With the next version, which is expected for September 2021, that could well change, how Bloomberg would like to have experienced. According to new reports, Apple has opted for a different look for the 7th Apple Watch. The iPhone 12 model stood here, which means clearly visible corners and edges.

The frame of the Apple Watch 7 should be significantly narrower than is the case with the current generation of the smartwatch. This leaves more space for the display. In addition, Apple wants to reduce the gap between the display and the protective glass. Overall, the case could be slightly thicker than that of the Apple Watch 6.

What the smartwatch could look like shows the photo gallery:

There should be a change not only in the design, because Apple has also taken care of the equipment. According to Bloomberg, a new and faster processor are used. Wireless transmission technologies are also being improved, it is said. However, details in this regard have not yet emerged.

In the video – AssistiveTouch for the Apple Watch, comes with watchOS 8:

Apple Watch: Another model postponed until 2022

At the moment it is becoming increasingly clear that Apple is the big leap in terms of functionality only in 2022 with a possible Apple Watch 8 plans. The measurement of body temperature and help for diabetics are no longer expected with the Apple Watch 7.

In addition to the Apple Watch 7, no other models are expected for 2021. Only a year later Apple is likely to attack with a hardened “Explorer” or “Adventure” edition. With a New edition of the Apple Watch SE is also not to be expected this year.

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