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Smartphones soon to be obsolete, Windows 11 is getting new features, this is the recap of the week

A new AI-based accessory, a feature-rich Windows 11 update, a hardware defect on the Pixel 7 Pro, this is the recap of the week.

While our smartphones might be squeezed out by this revolutionary new AI-powered device, Windows 11 is updating and getting a slew of new features and Pixel 7 Pro users are complaining about a volume button which keeps falling apart. This week, we also tell you the story of this fiber connection technician kidnapped by one of his customers.

Faced with AI, even our smartphones will become obsolete

Me Chaudhri took advantage of a TED talk to unveil the video of the demonstration of a tiny accessory that could make smartphones obsolete. Indeed, the founder of Humane presented his small box without screen, based on artificial intelligence, which integrates a projector, a speaker and a camera. Go to our dedicated news to discover the video of this almost invisible technology of the future.

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Credit: TEDTalk

A technician sequestered during his fiber connection

It was in Boulogne-sur-Mer that a fiber connection technician was taken hostage by one of his customers. The young man was working with a 77-year-old man when the septuagenarian decided to sequester him because he was not satisfied with his work. The victim ended up escaping through the window and the attacker was sentenced to 5 months in prison.

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Pixel 7 Pro: the volume button keeps falling off

The Pixel 7 Pro is a high-end smartphone that suffers from a particularly painful hardware defect. Indeed, the volume button comes off frequently. Many users of Google’s premium phone have complained about this hardware failure, but the Mountain View company has not yet offered a solution to Pixel 7 Pro owners.

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We love the new Windows 11 update

If you are Microsoft Insiders, you can already download the new Windows 11 update and discover its many new features. Build 22621.1776 (KB5026446), which is the largest in recent months, fixes many bugs and offers new options never before seen. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the list of the most important new features in our dedicated news.

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Asus ROG Ally: a pleasant but not essential product

If we love its pretty design and its quality screen, we regret that the ROG Ally is so expensive, especially since its autonomy is very poor and its interface is average. The audio part is very successful and it’s a portable console powerful enough to support big games. Attention, the carrying bag is not provided.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: an exceptional adventure game

This new Zelda is simply magnificent! We love its even larger playground, its new powers and its truly complete scenario. The surprises are there and the French version is excellent. During our test, we were won over by the variety of missions and delighted to see that some major flaws in Breath of the Wild had been corrected. Be careful though, Tears of the Kingdom may be too complex for some player profiles.

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Pixel 7a: a new quality smartphone from Google

With its excellent price/quality ratio, its effective camera duo and its very beautiful screen, the Pixel 7a should appeal to many consumers. It’s a fluid smartphone and we appreciated its small format, which is pleasant in the hand. During our test, however, we were disappointed by its autonomy and charging power, limited to 18W. Note that the charging block is not supplied with the device.

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Huawei P60 Pro: the absence of Google GMS is still painful

If we love the elegant design of the P60 Pro, as well as its powerful platform or its very good autonomy, we regret the absence of Google GMS and the presence of advertisements in the interface. Huawei offers here a smartphone that is still too expensive compared to the competition, especially since the P60 Pro tends to overheat and the performance is not always stable.

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Poco F5 Pro: a very attractive mid-range

If you are looking for a smartphone under 600 euros, the Poco F5 Pro could seduce you. We love its QHD+ screen, its efficient fast charging and the excellent sound delivered by the speakers. It is a balanced smartphone that even offers you the possibility of taking good photos, provided you are not in low light.

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