Smartphone in a completely different way: Awesome mobile phone idea emerged

The general structure of a modern cell phone is fixed forever and ever? With a look at this blatant mobile phone concept, we can only say: That’s not true, because this smartphone does something completely different.

Nowadays a cell phone or smartphone has a large screen and one or more cameras are permanently integrated on the back. The principle has proven itself and established itself – with the iPhone from Apple, the Galaxy mobile phones from Samsung and the rest of the industry. Apart from the first, foldable models, there is actually nothing special to discover at the moment.

Image: Louis Berger

Cell phone thought differently: Smartphone “Mosaic”

This status quo is now breaking through with “Mosaic” – a very special smartphone. The idea briefly described in one sentence: The rear camera can be removed modularly and, if desired, used completely independently of the mobile phone, as a kind of GoPro action cam. There are also matching covers and neck loops for the separate module, very clever. The mobile phone was designed by the designer Louis Berger, as Yanko design reported. Unfortunately only a concept at the moment, no finished device yet.

Image: Louis Berger

The advantages of the design …

But we think it is worth taking a closer look, because such an approach would have many advantages:

  • The camera module can be easily exchanged; this saves costs and resources in the event of service and can also be carried out by the user himself.
  • In the future, you could also sell newer and therefore more expensive camera modules and then stretch and expand sales. On the other hand, the customer would be happy not to have to buy a completely new smartphone for the better camera.
Image: Louis Berger
  • The module also includes a small display – useful for selfies and notifications.
  • There is another module for the back of the camera module, which contains a separate display. This combination could be used to control cameras or music, for example.

Could then soon become unemployed, the GoPro Actioncam:

In a word: brilliant! The old idea of ​​the modular smartphone is experiencing a rebirth with “Mosaic”. Unfortunately, unfortunately … but only on paper, because no manufacturer has yet been found who would like to realize this. After all, Vivo is already thinking about it lately. Who knows, maybe Apple, Samsung and Co. are also so crazy and crazy and give the concept a chance in the New Year – let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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