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Smarthome on Android Auto: Home Assistant coming soon

Android Auto has been extended with the ability to be used by smart home apps and will soon be used by the Home Assistant app. The idea is that you will soon be able to operate your smart home from the car. At the moment, the feature is still in the beta version of the app, but it should also come to the official Android Auto app in the next two weeks.

Home Assistant for Android Auto

Google released an update for Android Auto last December. As a result, it supported apps for smart home and other smart products, although there was one condition. As a user, you have to switch smartphone devices on and off at the touch of a button, so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for too long. It should also not be possible to create routines on the road, for example. Home Assistant is very happy that this is now possible in Android Auto, because it immediately started working to make its app suitable for this purpose. This way you will soon be able to open your garage door from your car, or open your door lock when you are in the area. If you also use the new binary sensor, you can ensure that everything goes automatically as soon as you (with your smartphone) are close enough.

The team behind Home Assistant writes: “Once you launch the app, you can easily access devices like your garage door, lights, locks, and even scenes. Tapping on a category will show you the devices and their status (with instant updates!). There’s also simple touch controls to open the garage door before you go out, for example. In addition to selecting a domain, you can also navigate to anything in Home Assistant that has a location, such as people, devices or sensors.”

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Open garage

It is therefore possible to see whether the door is already open when you arrive, or what the exact status is of your lamps. Very useful if you only realize later on the road that you may have left it on. You can check the status and turn off the lights in the Home Assistant app within Android Auto. If you want to know more, read the article on AWSmart.

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