smart text selection lets you convert easily

A handy server-side update has been rolled out for Android. The search engine now lets you easily convert different units, without having to dive deep into Google.

Convert faster with Google

It is now even easier to convert a certain unit in the Google browser, Androidworld writes. Since Android 8.0 Oreo you can use the smart text selection and quickly select a phone number and make a direct call. The same applies to, for example, selecting an address, which you can open directly in Google Maps, or selecting an email address so that you can send an email immediately.

The possibilities have now been further expanded. From now on you can select a certain unit and immediately choose to convert. That way you can convert, for example, the number of kilometers per hour to miles per hour, or the number of meters to centimeters, or a specific currency such as the Swedish krona to Euros without any additional action.

You can use the functionality from now on.

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