A US agency has now decided that Google is infringing Sonos’ patents for its smart home speakers. Some of the products may no longer be imported from Asia to the USA after a period. Google could use an app to circumvent an impending sales stop.


USA: Google infringes five Sonos patents

Sonos and Google have been arguing for a long time about possible patent infringements on intelligent speakers. Sonos accuses Google of not having paid the required license fees. Now the American trade authority ITC has decided that Google five Sonos patents infringed has. The products may no longer be imported into the USA in their current state after they have been manufactured in Asia (source: The Verge).

The import ban has consequences for Google and its customers. the Selling older home speakers could even be discontinued worldwide if Google does not make the changes requested by Sonos. Owners of these products, on the other hand, have to be prepared for a few minor inconveniences. The common volume control for all loudspeakers, patented by Sonos, will soon be eliminated.

This is how Google Home beats Apple smart speakers:

Sonos vs. Google: Final deadline of 60 days

A Google spokesman has revealed that the ITC gave the group a period of 60 days to remedy the patent infringements. Google has already announced that “a small number of users” will soon download an additional app have to. Further details have not yet been revealed. Google would like to prevent a sales freeze.

If he Legal dispute between Sonos and Google now has come to an end, time will tell. Originally, Sonos stated that Google would infringe more than 100 patents. In Germany, Sonos was able to enforce a brief ban on the sale of some Google products in court in May 2021.