Smart Lock: smart unlocking of your smartphone

Have you set up a system to lock your smartphone: pattern, code, fingerprint or facial recognition? This is good, and it is even essential. On the other hand, if you find that having to unlock your device 50 times a day is a bit tedious, there are solutions to make your life easier with the Smart Lock.

The Smart Lock is an Android option that avoids having to unlock your smartphone several times a day when it is not necessary. Granted, the lock prevents an intruder, child, or thief from gaining access to your personal data, but you might not need it all the time. When you are at home for example, or when you have the phone in hand. The Smart Lock feature offers three solutions to avoid having to unlock your device without putting your data at risk. It’s up to you to choose the ones that suit you best.

Smart Lock: 3 solutions for smart unlocking

1 / Smart Lock

The Smart Lock feature can be found in Settings> Security> Smart Lock, but depending on the overlays, it can be found elsewhere. If you can’t find it, search for “Smart Lock” in the settings search bar. For OneUI 3.1 it will be in Settings> Lock screen for example. You will then be offered three options.


2 / Detection of the device when it is within range

The Detection of the device when it is in range is the first option. By choosing it, it will then be enough to unlock the device once so that it remains unlocked as long as it is in motion or when you hold it in your hand. When you put it down, it will lock automatically. It works great unless it is snatched out of your hands on the street. Well it is very implausible especially as the thief will be obliged to ask it at one time or another.


3 / Verified places

Verified places is a good alternative. Just add one or more trusted addresses: home or office. In these areas of around fifty meters in radius, you do not have to unlock your device for a maximum of 4 hours. If a thief leaves the area, he won’t be able to do anything. The only risk: dealing with a dishonest colleague (office) or a child (house) who comes to watch the content of your device.


4 / Verified devices

The last Smart Lock measurement you can choose is Verified devices. Your smartphone remains unlocked as long as it is near a trusted Bluetooth device: connected bracelet, car blutooth system, earpiece, PC, etc. Note that the range of Bluetooth can be quite large. You might tell yourself that your device is locked if you go upstairs or go to the garden, but it might not be. Be careful because if you have your connected bracelet and your smartphone stolen, a thief will have the key. Again this is implausible, but …


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