“Smart” light decorations for the apartment

We are here with more tips on interesting goods from Chinese stores. This time we decided to ride the wave of aesthetic retrofitting of the household, which will certainly be before the approaching autumn and also the Christmas period for many of you, the opportunity to reach for clever gadgets or electronic gadgets, for example, on the AliExpress server. They are in today’s selection “Smart” light decorations, whose primary goal is not completely intense lighting, but mainly an interesting effect or induction of atmosphere.

European warehouses, tax and customs

The AliExpress sales portal has already started to make direct use of direct taxation in the European Economic Area, which, from the point of view of Czech customers, has essentially preceded the forthcoming domestic law. Below the price of the goods, you can see the sentence “Price includes VAT” or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that goods worth over 150 euros also include customs duties.

Sleep and wake light on the table

A very interesting device that is able to simulate sunrise or sunset with its decent light and can also evoke the atmosphere with sound. Eight of them are predefined and it is possible to upload your own. In addition to connecting to the application, for example, control via Alex or Google Assistant also works.

Price: 900 CZK

Ambient RGB panels for TV or monitor

Would you like to give the content on the screen an indirect ambient background? These two panels measuring 268 x 48 x 31 millimeters can take care of that. At the same time, they can stand directly behind the monitor or television, as well as next to them.

Price: 830 CZK

Starry sky projector

One of a long line of different visual wall effects projectors that you can only get on the AliExpress server. It is interesting that in addition to the “stars”, it also offers the Moon and sea waves separately. He understands the application and also voice assistants. He even manages to respond to music.

Price: 810 CZK

Astronaut, galaxy projector

The second evidence is that similar projections can be embodied in almost anything. In this case, especially attractive for children is the image of an astronaut projecting a “galaxy” from his helmet in eight possible variants. Of today’s five tips, however, it is “the dumbest”, as it can only be controlled with a regular remote control.

Price: 810 CZK

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RGB neon strip / tube

An interesting solution is the diode strip, which when placed in a tube (rather a prism) evokes the impression of a classic old neon. You can order several lengths and numbers of belts in one package. The items also differ depending on whether they contain only a driver or also support for the application, and whether they are controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Price: from 250 CZK

Other attractions with a price up to 300 CZK

A selection of other products that cost a few crowns. Even so, they could make your life easier or more pleasant, so check them out.

product price
Folding hexagonal RGB lights from 270 CZK
Night lights with motion sensor 260 CZK
Flexible tripod 60 CZK
UGREEN Bluetooth dongle do USB 130 CZK
Color strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 40 CZK
Telescopic selfie stick 290 CZK
Ring with thermometer 30 CZK

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