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Smart Boston Dynamics robots dance around

It’s almost impossible to ignore a new Boston Dynamics video. They are always fun, funny and a little bit scary.

What would the world look like with very smart robots? The answer can be found in the developments of Boston Dynamics. This company is quite innovative and has released a number of smart robots. Every now and then they star in a demonstration video of the company. Also now such a video has been released.

In the video, Boston Dynamics makes its robots dance. Of course not a wooden event, but real quality as we are used to from the company. Beautiful movements and moments when the robots dance in sync with each other. The song they dance to is called Do You Love Me by The Contours. You shouldn’t think that those robots want to get their own. Would it also remain with the innocent dancing?

The video lasts about three minutes and shows various dance moves. That moment when a robot has better dance moves than you have ever had. The discos will be closed for a while. In the meantime, can you watch this video and learn how to dance at home. In 2021, for example, I will be completely ready when the discos will hopefully open again.

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