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Slovak application Paint my Room – Change your wall color

We have launched a nationwide competition for the best Android applications from Slovakia, voting takes place on the website. This year, 60 applications in up to 8 categories are nominated in the survey. Public readers’ votes will decide which applications will be among the best in Slovakia.

This year we have prepared a special presentation of applications. We contacted the developers and prepared a short interview about the nominated applications, which reached the final vote. We asked all developers the same questions. We continue with the Paint my Room application – Change your wall color.

Why did you decide to create this application?

Because choosing a color is not easy. I solved this problem myself 3 years ago. I wanted to go paint my room, but with the help of swatches from stores where there are only small colored squares, I couldn’t imagine what it would really look like on the whole wall. At that time, I had to use a graphics tool on a computer and try out the colors in a still photo. This process was quite clumsy and lengthy.

I mentioned this problem, which I once solved, a year ago when I chose a topic for my bachelor’s thesis. I knew I wanted to invest those hundreds of hours in something that would really help people. To something that makes sense. So I decided to make this app.

How many people work on the application?

1. But I like to get reinforcements, so feel free to contact me 🙂

How long did the development of the application take from the very beginning (idea)?

9 months. It took the most time to research how to approach this problem effectively. All calculations are performed in real time so that the user can move freely around the room and watch it from different angles. Therefore, there were a few pitfalls.

Do you see potential in applications designed for Slovakia or is it better to focus on the whole world?

It all depends on the application. If the application solves a problem that every Slovak has, yes, it has potential. In general, however, it is certainly more advantageous to focus on the whole world. For example, 95% of users of my application are from abroad.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to focus on improving wall detection. In poor lighting conditions, it is difficult to distinguish the boundaries of the wall and then paint the wrong objects. I’m also working on integrating colors from the suppliers themselves, so that the user can go and buy the color in the store right away.

Vote and win

Paint my Room – Change your wall color is nominated in category Slovak applications (general). Other nominated applications in this category include:

  • FlashScore – sports results
  • Hakatron
  • Mountain Rescue Service
  • I’m going up – Weather and conditions in the mountains
  • iWatt
  • Simple Gallery Pro
  • When to Fish
  • My 4ka
  • – The largest Slovak online community
  • Readmio: fairy tales for children
  • SHMUdroid

If you like the application, you can vote for it in the 4ka Android Code 2020 survey. The main prize of the survey is the Google Pixel 5 smartphone, which was donated to the competition by Google.

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