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Sleeping together with your child: these are the benefits

Cozy sleeping together with your child, close to you or your partner. Many parents love it. And guess what? Sleeping together with your child is very good for you. This is why.

In the Netherlands, children often sleep in their own room, but that is not the case everywhere in the world. Some parents like to share one large bed with their offspring or put their baby in a co-sleeper. And right they are. Sleeping together with your child has a lot of advantages.

Co-sleeping: benefits for your child

  • The ‘happiness hormone’ oxytocin rises, making your child feel safe and loved
  • This same hormone reduces separation anxiety
  • Sleeping together creates a better bond
  • Your child will fall asleep more easily because of your presence
  • Having your baby close by (note: not in the same bed, but in a crib or co-sleeper) reduces the risk of SIDS. After all, you are nearby.
  • Your child sleeps better because of the feeling of security, which means fewer broken nights for you

Sleeping together: benefits for you

  • You don’t have to get out of bed if there is something wrong with your child, because your child is always close by
  • You get to know your child even better, so you know better what to do if they have a nightmare, for example. You can anticipate this faster.
  • Often you don’t even wake up when your child wakes up, because your child falls asleep faster due to your presence
  • Finally, it is of course also very cozy to sleep together

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Pay attention to safety

In all cases, if your baby, toddler or toddler sleeps with you, make sure that your child is safe. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Keep your baby away from pillows due to the risk of suffocation
  • Make sure your baby cannot fall out of bed or become trapped between the wall and the mattress
  • Make sure that the bedding does not cover your baby’s face or head. Also make sure that you make up the cot safely.
  • Do not leave your baby alone in bed, even a young baby. He can squeeze into dangerous positions

Source: Sleep at last, Famme

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