Singer Jessie J candid about miscarriage: ‘The loneliest feeling in the world’

“At the third ultrasound I heard that there was no heartbeat,” the singer writes with a photo of herself with a positive pregnancy test.

No control over emotions

“Yesterday morning I asked a friend how I was ever supposed to perform without telling the audience that I was pregnant. But yesterday afternoon I thought: how can I ever perform without breaking down?’ continues Jessie J. The singer decides to go on stage after all. “I feel like I have no control over my emotions. […] What I do know is that I want to sing tonight. Not to avoid the grief or mourning, but because it will help me.’

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Loneliest feeling in the world

Jessie J decided to go for a baby on her own. “That’s all I ever wanted and life is short. Getting pregnant was a miracle and an experience I will never forget and know I will experience again.” She does not want to hide her feelings, but share them with her followers. ‘I want to be honest, I deserve it. I want to be myself as much as possible right now. Not just for the audience, but for myself and my little baby who tried his best.” The singer is in shock. “The grief is overwhelming. But I know I’m strong and I’ll be okay again. I know millions of women in the world have felt this pain and maybe worse. I feel connected to those I know and don’t know. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world.’

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