Signal dominates app list in Play Store due to changed WhatsApp conditions

Chat app Signal is profiting from the changing conditions of rival WhatsApp. Facebook has changed the privacy policy of the green-colored chat app, and people seem to be looking en masse for a messaging service that takes their privacy a lot more seriously.

Signal on the rise

Signal’s popularity is on the rise. In the Google Play Store, the chat application that is known for its privacy-friendliness is in the first place. Not only does Signal take first place in the Google Play Store, the blue-colored service also dominates the hit list in the Apple App Store. This applies to many countries, in some other countries we see at least a top 3 ranking of Signal in the downloads.

The fact that the number of downloads from Signal is increasing so quickly does not just come out of the blue. WhatsApp previously came up with new general terms and conditions, giving Facebook far-reaching options for collecting data. Despite the fact that Signal is also number 1 in the Netherlands, we do not have to be immediately afraid in the Netherlands. Thanks to a regulation of the European Union, Facebook is not allowed to collect its data in the aforementioned manner. Still, it is certainly possible that WhatsApp will run on the edge of the law and thus want to collect more data.

Benefits Signal

Signal is free to use and has a public code, so it can be checked by anyone. Signal is known as a strong alternative to WhatsApp where messages are encrypted end-to-end. In addition, no data is collected about users and conversations. Another advantage is that it is also possible to have group conversations, just like video and telephone calls. As with WhatsApp, you can use the service on a Windows or Mac computer.


Incidentally, it is still the question whether the popularity of Signal can last. When Facebook took over WhatsApp, Telegram’s popularity skyrocketed. However, there will always be a (very) large group that will want to stick to WhatsApp and will not be open to try another messaging service. WhatsApp is too common for that.

Signal: private messaging app
Signal: private messaging app

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