Signal at the top of downloads thanks to Elon Musk and at the expense of WhatsApp

With the change in policy at WhatsApp, a sling was waged on social media. The Signal application was notably promoted by Elon Musk or Edward Snowden finding himself at the top of downloads.

The new WhatsApp rules have been a real subject of discussion and controversy in the world of new technologies. The lack of transparency around the arrangements made by the application seems to have got the better of its reputation. On social networks, emblematic figures such as Elon Musk or Edward Snowden call for downloading the Signal software. The latter has since been at the top of downloads on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

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Signal ensures that no data is collected unlike WhatsApp

Secure messaging apps have been around for a long time, but the controversy surrounding WhatsApp is putting them back in the spotlight. Among the popular software, Signal is the one that meets the most success, particularly thanks to the publicity provided by celebrities. On Twitter, Elon Musk as well as Edward Snowden have promoted this application. The direct consequence of these actions is that the latter is now at the top of downloads, whether on the App Store or even the Google Play Store.

By the series of tweets placed above, the calls to choose Signal are unequivocal. Both personalities appear to be heavy users of this secure messaging app. The latter is not a newcomer since it has existed since 2014 and bases its operation on the protection of personal data for its users. The only item kept is your phone number, which is essential to register. On the developer’s Twitter account, the strong success resulted in a longer delay for sending the verification code and patience is required.

The app on iOS

The app on Android

On the WhatsApp side, even if the communication clarified that the new provisions did not concern the European Union, this story will undoubtedly leave consequences. It will take several weeks to see the full consequences. Did you download the new app at the expense of WhatsApp? Tell us in the comments !

Signal at the top of downloads thanks to Elon Musk and at the expense of WhatsApp

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