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Shocker for Netflix: Will the sharing fee backfire?

It’s only a matter of time before Netflix asks German customers who share their accounts with others to pay. Your Netflix subscription will then cost you a lot more money. This idea could have dire consequences for the streaming service.

Netflix customers threaten to revolt – do not want to accept the sharing surcharge

Netflix officially announced it years ago Account sharing declared war. Nothing happened for a long time. Today there are around 100 million customers worldwide who share their access data with others – and in doing so, potentially deprive Netflix of billions of dollars in revenue. It’s no wonder that people want to put an end to this.

But the customers have to play their part – and that’s not what it looks like at the moment. A survey by Statista together with YouGov has shown that just under the Half of streaming subscribers (48 percent) would cancel if your provider charges an additional fee for account sharing:

That could be Netflix’s planto make more money can quickly turn into the opposite. At least if the proportion of those surveyed actually goes through with the termination if the worst comes to the worst. Netflix, on the other hand, is likely to hope above all for the good quarter of those surveyed (26 percent) who simply pay their friends and relatives instead of paying more no longer give access to their Netflix account.

After all, it is precisely these people who are supporting the streaming service’s plan. Anyone who has been able to use Netflix through others for years should do so become a new member – so does he or she himself pays full price.

Tired of Netflix? These are the alternatives:

Just a comparison small proportion of 16 percent would accept additional costs and for an extra charge also continue to supply other people via their own streaming subscription (source: Statista). At the same time, this step would still be cheaper, at least with the prices to be expected in Germany, than if two households each paid for their own subscription.

For Spain, the surcharge for shared accounts is already fixed: 5.99 euros become for it extra every month due. In Spain, Netflix has almost the same price structure as in Germany. We therefore expect the same plus on the monthly costs here as well.

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