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Shazam for cats translates what means meowing

An interesting application has been released that may come in handy for many cat lovers. If you don’t know what a cat’s meow means, you can use the MeowTalk app.

Shazam for cat meow

Cat owners will no doubt recognize it; your cat or cat can demand a lot of attention by meowing. Certainly in the beginning it is not clear to everyone exactly what the cat you want to announce. The MeowTalk app should clarify this. I can best describe the app as a Shazam for meowing.

The application was developed by a software maker who previously worked at Amazon on assistant Alexa. The operation of the application is very simple. When opening for the first time, you can choose to log in with an account and maintain a profile, but fortunately you can skip that step.

Then you can get started with detecting the cat’s meow. To do this, press the big orange button after which the app starts listening and recording the sound. Not much later, what the cat means appears on the screen. Think of “I’m angry”, “I’m hungry” or “leave me alone.” You can also add your own cat in the MeowTalk app, along with the date of birth and a photo.

If you are of the opinion that the translated animal sounds are incorrect, you can indicate this in the application. The app is currently still in beta, so the app is still being worked on. The MeowTalk app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store via the button below.

MeowTalk Beta
MeowTalk Beta

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