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Sharing nearby allows you to share apps as well

Do you know Sharing nearby? It allows you to share files easily and easily with devices near you. You’ll soon be able to share apps, even without an internet connection. Google probably drew inspiration from rival Apple and its AirDrop.

Sharing nearby and for applications

Google has announced that it will soon be possible to share apps from Google Play via Sharing nearby – even without WiFi or data. “Simply open the Play Store, go to” Share apps “in the” My Games & Apps “menu, select the apps you want to share, and all you need to do is be accepted by your friends,” Google writes on his blog.

It’s an easy, fast and great way to share apps with your friends or family. All the better because you don’t even need an internet connection. Thus, such sharing will be possible even in the middle of the forest. It is such technologies that improve the experience that we like the most.

The downside is that Google didn’t specify more of the requirements for sharing applications. So we don’t know if anything other than Android 6.0 or higher will be required. For now, we think this feature will work on all devices that meet at least this condition.

Nearby sharing helps unify file sharing

Sharing nearby has really simplified and unified the way we can share files with nearby devices. Until recently, this was possible mainly through File Explorer or through the Gallery. The sharing methods (WiFi or Bluetooth) depended on the individual application.

However, Sharing nearby has made sharing much easier. If you do not know it, select any file (photo, file or even contact), press Send (or Share) and then you will be offered to search for devices nearby. This is done via Bluetooth and WiFi, and so does the transmission itself. Then just tap on the name of the device nearby and you will be notified that you want to share something with it.

XDA mentions that the feature will come out in the coming weeks.

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