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SFR discreetly increases your package by € 3

Already in December 2019, we wrote an article on SFR’s formidable ability to increase its packages in the hushed. Unfortunately, the operator at the red square is not the only one to practice this national sport. Bouygues, Orange, and Free also have their little techniques to inflate prices without attracting attention.

And in this month of December 2020, a year after our first article, SFR has just put the cover back. The operator has just increased the bill of certain SFR and RED by SFR subscribers by € 3 per month. Like the previous increases, it is impossible to refuse it. In other words, it’s like that and not otherwise.

In its email, SFR explains that it “ continues its investments and accelerates the deployment of its network to offer you the best customer experience. So to benefit even more from the advances of our network, you will benefit from a new mobile offer including a total of 40 GB / month for € 3 more / month ”.

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An intolerable practice for 60 million consumers

So, you will understand, SFR justifies this new tariff by an increase in the envelope of mobile data. For the association 60 Millions de consommateurs, this practice is intolerable. ” The operator attracts the customer with low-cost, “no-length” packages. Then after a few months or years, under the pretext of an enriched package, he applies an increase “, says the organization.

If the practice of SFR is therefore morally wrong, however, it remains completely legalmuch to the chagrin of customers. As stipulated in article L. 224-33 of the Consumer Code, operators are authorized to modify the amount of their offers, under two conditions. They must notify consumers at least one month before the introduction of the new tariffs. Then, inform customers that they have the right to terminate their contract without additional charges or penalties within four months of the new prices coming into effect.

Change your plan!

Do you not like these practices and have decided to look elsewhere? This is quite normal. And why not take advantage of it since you can terminate without penalties with this Trafalgar move. Here are the current offers:

Sosh (subsidiary of Orange) offers a package 100 GB for € 15.99 with 15 GB / month of additional Internet usable in the EU and in the overseas departments – No commitment and no increase.

La Poste Mobile offers a package 30 GB at € 9.99 with 15 GB / month of additional Internet usable in the EU and in the overseas departments – No commitment and no increase.

NRJ Mobile offers a package of 100 GB at € 9.99 / month but which will increase to € 19.99 / month after 12 months – No obligation.

Auchan Telecom finally offers a package of 80 GB at € 4.99 / month which will increase to € 16.99 / month after 6 months – No obligation.

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Source: 60 million consumers

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