Sex with a pill: ‘We did it three times in a row, felt euphoric’

“In the evening I am often really too tired, especially during the week. I prefer free in the morning. Just a quick seesaw before breakfast. Or more extensively on the weekend, when our six and four year old children are sitting in front of the TV. But we always know how to grab our moment for lovemaking. Mike and I have been together for eleven years and have a good sex life. Loving and pleasant, without too much fuss.

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Mike is not selfish, would prefer me to come sooner. He’s a really good kisser, which makes me so in the mood. Only during my pregnancies and just after, sex was on the back burner. I felt tired and nauseous, and the broken nights that come with a baby also affected my libido. Especially after the birth of the second, we have been very busy for a while getting the family back on track. When the baby slept through a bit, sex started again.


Yet our sex life really got a boost after we used ecstasy together at a festival. I was actually anti-drugs. Mike sometimes took a pill when he went to a party. I never. I am a nurse and I see plenty of cases where things go wrong. We always went to festivals separately with friends, our taste in music differs.

A year after the birth of our second, I really wanted to go out well again. But my best friend Carin – also a loyal festival partner – was heavily pregnant and did not want to come along. Mike offered to accompany me. Children weekend to grandpa and grandma, mom and dad dancing together. But with a pill, that was part of visiting a festival for him. I changed tack, for once I wanted to participate. It didn’t seem like it to me if he were in higher spheres and I would walk next to it soberly. Mike knew a reliable address for the pills and I took a quarter pill of ecstasy that night.


I felt very comfortable almost immediately. So nice, relaxed and delicious. But above all: so in love. On my own husband. The butterflies fluttered in Mike’s stomach too. At that festival we walked hand in hand, being radiantly in love. We were only busy with each other; kissing, hugging, we couldn’t keep off each other. The urge to have sex was there, but we didn’t sneak into a toilet building or anything. We kept it neat.

Once at home, we had very intense, prolonged sex. We did it three times the next day, feeling euphoric. We also had plenty of time, the children were gone for two nights. We make love as if we had never done it together. And we did it continuously for the following weeks. We made up new positions and felt in love like teenagers. That infatuation did fade, but the positive effect on our sex life remained.


Sex with a pill tasted like more. So when I visited another festival, I did it with ecstasy. Only Mike dropped out. The last few times he had become more and more restless when he took ecstasy. He suffered a lot from the so-called ‘Tuesday dip’. When the pill wears off after a few days – usually Tuesday, if you walk on Saturday – you go from feeling ecstatic to a minor depression. Almost everyone suffers from this. But Mike remained gloomy for weeks and decided to quit ecstasy altogether.

I think that’s a shame. I find it very exciting that you experience together when you both take something. Fortunately I managed to persuade Carin to also take a pill when we go to the festival. Now we both take a half. Carin’s sex life has also received a boost. Like me, she has two small children and is 15 years old with her husband. They barely had sex and were almost on the verge of breaking up. That night and the day after, her husband did not know what happened to him. They found each other all over again in the bedroom.

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Let go now and then

I really don’t want to advocate for drugs here. But as a good mother with a busy job, family and two small children, I love to let go of control now and then and I really enjoy the effect on my libido. And if you only do it now and then, I personally don’t see any objection to ecstasy. Besides, Carin and I only do it at parties. This has been about ten times in recent years. We don’t hang around in a tent every weekend and will never use anything at home.

To flirt

Mike enjoys it when I jump him after a night of dancing. He thinks it is great to experience. It really makes me looser, freer and flirty. Also to men. Once at a festival I really felt like making out with another man. I didn’t, but I honestly confessed at home that I was tempted. I only want to do that if Mike agrees.

We then had some conversations about a kind of open relationship. One in which we can test what it is like to kiss someone else. I have felt that need since I started ecstasy, especially when I am at a festival. After eleven years together, with the intention of staying together for life, it seems exciting to us on the one hand to feel a different body. On the other hand, we find it difficult to release each other and perhaps put our relationship at risk. Due to corona, it has not been an issue in the recent period anyway, but who knows that we will dare to take that step in the future. ”

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