Seterra Geography –

Whether you are studying for final exams or preparing for a quiz, Seterra will allow you to learn geography. The popular online and software version of the world maps trivia game, fun and educational for ages 8 to 88, is now available for Android.

Go after the world or conquer it one region at a time. The app includes over 90 different exercises. Learn to distinguish Tasmania from Tanzania or the red, white and blue flag of the Netherlands from the white, blue and red flag of Russia. Everything is there: cities, countries, capitals, continents, mountains and bodies of water. Identify Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro in the mountains test or discover exotic islands in remote locations around the world by trying the world on islands test.

Those who are a little rusty about the French regions or the Belgian provinces, or who have difficulty differentiating all those countries which do not end in “istan”, can browse the categories and consolidate their knowledge using the “Learn” mode.

Quiz categories:
– Learn the old and new regions of France.
– Choose from over 19 different tests on the geography of the United States.
– Identify the continents and countries there.
– Find states, territories, provinces and their capitals.
– Discover the oceans, seas and rivers on the other side of the earth.
– Explore mountain ranges and volcanoes.
– Locate the 25 largest cities in the world.
– Discover the smaller islands which are just tiny dots on the map.

Features of the app:
– Available in five languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, German and Swedish).
– Without advertisements.
– Play offline without Internal connection.
– Maps with zoom function.
– Sessions are timed and scored for greater accuracy.
– Share your records on Facebook or Twitter.
– Unlimited trials to retake a test and improve the score obtained.
– Clues.
– Ranking of the best scores.
– Creation of a “My favorites” list of favorite games for easier access.
– Challenge your friends, classmates, family members, in a head to head competition using Seterra.

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