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Set up and repair your car with OBDclick

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The OBD2 interface has been used on all cars since the beginning of the 2000s. It is a plug that can be hidden in the glove box or under the dashboard and allows you to process and analyze different types of information: the coolant temperature, the condition of the vehicle fuel system, and other data about speed and power.




It is even possible to erase warning lights and to monitor certain motor parameters. The OBDclick application is responsible for analyzing the data from its magic shots. It will just be necessary to equip a compatible receiver. If you do not have one, the app offers to deliver one for less than 30 €. Note that the latter must be “wireless”: WiFi or Bluetooth. Indeed the USB plugs are not compatible with the app for obvious reasons of connectivity. Once you have found the plug on your vehicle (the app will help you), it will just pair the adapter with OBDclick.

Then, you can easily diagnose your car: error codes, LED suppression, oxygen sensor, engine speed, injection system, air flow, fuel pressure, admission, etc. Rather than let a mechanic explain things to you, be master of your metal steed (or plastoc, for my Dacia). It is also a good way to detect faults in a used car or to anticipate breakdowns even if you are not a professional, because with the error code that you can type on Google, you will find the right online tutorial to deal with any problem. Of course, the app is compatible with the leading brands of automobiles, including Dacia …

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