Send New Year’s wishes quickly via WhatsApp and Telegram

The turn of the year is coming again. Do you send all your contacts your New Year’s wishes separately or do you prefer all at once? With these tips you can quickly wish your friends and family a happy 2020 via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Happy New Year via WhatsApp

As with every New Year’s Eve, we are only too happy to send the best wishes to each other on New Year’s Eve. One does this via WhatsApp, the other via Telegram and the other is bound by SMS or calling. We give you some tips on how to wish your friends and family a happy New Year in a quick way.


Via WhatsApp you can of course individually wish everyone a happy New Year, but this can also be done in a faster way. You can quickly send a message to several people with the ‘mailing list’ option. The other sees not that you have sent it to several people, because it arrives as a ‘normal’ message.

When using the send message function, a separate contact list is used, as it were. Only contacts who have also saved you in their phone will receive the message. So if someone has not saved your phone number, they will not receive the message. When others respond to your message, others will of course not see that response, only when using group conversations.

Tip: now that you can also send GIFs to the other, you can search for GIFs of fireworks or ‘happy new year’ and send them to the other.

Creating a mailing list:

  • Go to ‘menu’ in WhatsApp
  • Press ‘new mailing list’
  • Tap the names you want in the list, or enter them using the search function
  • Click on ‘done’
  • Click on ‘create’
  • The mailing list has been created
  • Then you can type and send your message

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Telegram no longer has the option to create a mailing list. You can, however, create a channel via Telegram in which others can also see each other’s messages. So it is actually no longer possible to quickly wish everyone a happy new year via Telegram. Others also see the messages of others here.

How do you wish your friends the best of luck?

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This post was last updated on December 31, 2020

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