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Segway makes its electric scooters compatible with Locate (Find My)

The manufacturer Segway-Ninebot announces in a press release that it is now making its range of electric scooters compatible with the Locate (Find My) function of iOS. This means that the MAX G2, MAX G30E scooters as well as the F2, F2 Plus and F2 Pro models will be compatible with Find My. This could well dissuade the thugs from stealing your brand new Ninebot, knowing that electric bicycles and scooters are the ultra-light vehicles most coveted by thieves in France (and undoubtedly in the world).

Rudy Godoy, the French director of Segway-Ninebot, was delighted with this integration of the iOS function: “Innovation is deeply rooted in Segway-Ninebot’s DNA. Over the years, the company has devoted significant research and development efforts to improve driving comfort, performance and safety. Our ambition is to offer smart and accessible electric scooters that incorporate the latest technologies available on the market. Offering Find My on scooter models is a real point of differentiation in a very competitive sector. We hope Apple users now have a clear choice to select an electric scooter brand that guarantees both quality and advanced features. »

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