Sega Heroes: a match-3 with Sonic, AieAie, Shinobi and many others (App Store release)

Failing New Licenses, Sega capitalizes on his many favorite characters. Sega Heroes ( Link App Store – Free – iPhone / iPad) is a match-3 tinted strategy in the same vein as a Puzzle -Quest . All of the heroes and characters in the Sega licenses have answered the call and can be variegated to form teams of unlikely fighters. Sonic alongside AieAie (Super Monkey Ball) and Ninja Shinobi is possible, and we find with a certain pleasure the heroes who rocked our childhood console player (and arcade). For the rest, no surprises; everything is extremely marked, with gem colors associated with the special moves of such and such a character. The animations are quite simple, the graphics are cute and nothing more, and all this will not exceed the level of the small candy for absolute fans of Sega, besides the aspect free-to-play is very pronounced since we want to unlock legendary characters. To you to see if the game is worth the candle …

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