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The anime adaptations and films of “Hunter x Hunter” (also HUNTERxHUNTER) are based on the manga of the same name by Yoshihiro Togashi. Here at GIGA you can find out where you can watch series and films from “Hunter x Hunter” in the stream in German and in the OV online.

The series & films for “Hunter x Hunter”

The manga series “Hunter x Hunter” by Yoshihiro Togashi, which has continued from 1998 to the present day, has received several adaptations. One year after the start of the manga, the studio “Nippon Animation” began with an anime adaptation, which was continued in 2002 by three other OVAs. The series made it to many European countries, but was never broadcast in Germany – accordingly there is no German dubbing.

In 2011, the “Madhouse” studio set to work on a new “Hunter x Hunter” series. Instead of just continuing the story where it left off with “Greed Island Final” in 2004, they wanted to create a complete remake. The new edition stuck more closely to the Manga template and was a stroke of luck, especially for German fans: In this country, too, you could see the story of Gon right from the start. The total of 148 episodes as well as the two films from the same studio were first released in Germany on DVD and Blu-ray and then ran between 2018 and 2019 in the TV premiere on ProSieben MAXX.

We have summarized an overview of the series and film adaptations here in tabular form:

Series (studio)
Episodes Release (J) Release (D)
Hunter x Hunter (Nippon Animation) 62 of 23 min. 1999-2001
Hunter x Hunter: OVA / Greed Island / Greed Island Final (Nippon Animation) 30 to 23 min. 2002-2004
Hunter x Hunter (Madhouse) 148 of 24 min. 2011-2014 2018-2019
Film studio) running time Release (J) Release (D)
Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge (Madhouse) 97 min. 2013 2016
Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (Madhouse) 98 min. 2013 2016
Hunter x Hunter Madhouse KSM Anime
Image: Madhouse

“Hunter x Hunter” in the stream

Depending on what you want to see from “Hunter x Hunter”, you will find different content on different streaming services. You can find out where and which series and films of “Hunter x Hunter” you can currently see legally online in the overview:

providers Content languages
  • Hunter x Hunter: Episode 1–58 (Prime subscription & single purchase)
  • Hunter x Hunter: episode 59–112 (Aniverse Channel & single purchase)
  • Hunter x Hunter: episodes 113-148 (single purchase)
  • Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge (Prime subscription & single purchase)
  • Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (Prime subscription & single purchase)
German & Japanese (OmU)

You can also buy the two “Hunter x Hunter” films in the following digital online stores: iTunes, RakutenTV, maxdome store, Magenta TV, Microsoft Store.

DVD & Blu-ray release

The series and both films by Madhouse were released in Germany under KSM Anime on DVD and Blu-ray. The 148 episodes of the series were divided into a total of 13 volumes, each with 8 to 13 episodes:

  • Volume 1: Episode 1–13
  • Volume 2: Episode 14-26
  • Volume 3: Episode 27-36
  • Volume 4: Episode 37-47
  • Volume 5: Episode 48-58
  • Volume 6: Episode 59-67
  • Volume 7: Episode 68-75
  • Volume 8: Episode 76-88
  • Volume 9: Episode 89-100
  • Volume 10: Episode 101-112
  • Volume 11: Episode 113-124
  • Volume 12: Episode 125-136
  • Volume 13: Episode 137-148
HUNTERxHUNTER - Vol. 1 Episode 01-13 - Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

HUNTERxHUNTER – Vol. 1 Episode 01-13 – Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

Developer: Koch Media GmbH – DVD

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