Secret and forgotten shortcuts to your Android desktop. Save time and energy

Android has a lot of options to simplify your daily life. This is especially useful for features and applications that we use often or even every day. If you are also tired of clicking on applications to the same goal every day, then this article will please you. What magic can shortcuts to the Android desktop do?

Most of us use smartphones all day. At the same time, we often perform the same tasks every day in the same applications. However, many of these situations can be effectively simplified to save time and energy. Android has always been equipped with various tools and options that can help us in this. Many of us have been forgotten because they are no longer as popular as ever. This is the case, for example, with widgets. On the contrary, you may never have heard of other tweaks.

Widgets on your Android desktop still have something to offer

For some, it may be a matter of course, but the popularity of once-famous widgets has long been out of place when Android started. This is the easiest way to add useful shortcuts directly to your Android desktop. Therefore, it pays to see what widgets your favorite applications offer. For inspiration, here are some tips which deserve attention.

  • Widget Driving mode opens Google Maps in driver-friendly mode
  • Share location lets you instantly share your location with friends on Google Maps
  • Widget Transport It will show you one-touch traffic levels in your area
  • Widget Google Sound Search will tell you in an instant which song is playing in the area
  • Widget Settings lets you create an Android desktop shortcut for many features from deep set system. A few examples of what it can be used for.
    • Settings> Notification Log – do you often delete a notification by mistake? Easily view the Notification Log widget all recent notifications in one place
    • Settings> System – useful if you check often update your phone or you need quick access to settings for developers

Shortcuts from the application menu can be added to the Android desktop

Hold your finger on the application icon to display a menu with additional options. Many applications have quick options in this menu to get to the most used functions. But did you know that if you hold your finger on this speed dial, you can immediately drag it as a desktop icon? So a shortcut from your Android desktop will directly launch a specific function of the application. Here are a few examples where this may come in handy.

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